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'The evening kicked off with Danica Hunter, the 19 year old singer and song-writer wowed the crowd with her powerful singing voice.' Flavourmag


'Watch Henley-on-Thames starlet @Danica_Hunter at Reading Festival: . She's the one in the dress.' Dave Gilyeat, BBC Oxford Introducing

'This be @Danica_Hunter: She's like a female Ed Sheeran with a better voice and an even better hat.' Dave Gilyeat, BBC Oxford Introducing

'At the start of 2012, Danica Hunter was invited to the BBC Introducing Masterclass by BBC Introducing in Berkshire. There she delivered an impromptu acapella streamed across the internet and in front of industry professionals including Maverick Sabre and Rob Da Bank. Captivating her audience wasn't a problem.

The 18 year old singer-songwriter from Henley on Thames has already shared bills with Jools Holland, Sting and Geno Washington. It seems she's rarely sitting still often touring London, Oxfordshire and Berkshire showcasing a strong vocal that's rich in both soul and rock and hardly needs a backing track.' BBC 3

Of course, I was loudly cheering on our two local acts: Danica Hunter from Henley-on-Thames, the 18-year-old singer with a voice that makes you stop in your tracks.

And indeed hundreds of festival-goers did stop in their tracks to watch her arresting performance, which was filled with soul, drama, mellow beats and above all heart-wrenching feeling. Linda Serck, BBC Introducing, Berkshire

'The past eighteen months have been very successful for British female singer-songwriters and the timing couldn't be better for Danica Hunter to break. Over on the BBC Introducing Stage she unveils her captivating and soulful voice to the amassed audience. Accompanied by a toned down band and Cajon her songs are mostly about the trails and tribulations about life as an eighteen year old but there is a pleasant depth to her voice which stops the song writing from feeling shallow. The combination of blues, soul and the colloquial puts her somewhere between Duffy and Kate Nash but to compare her to either is to do a disservice to Hunter's voice. She and her band make easy listening, highly enjoyable, experimental pop with a bluesy edge. Expect big things from this young lady in the future.' Music Leeds Scene

'You were amazing!' Maverick Sabre

Danica Hunter hails from Henley and is a teenage singing sensation.

She recently played the Henley Festival, and wowed top music scouts when I took her to a BBC Introducing masterclass at Abbey Road studios back in January.
Linda Serck, BBC Introducing, Berkshire

Please thank Danica and Angus for coming to perform at BBC this weekend. Their set was excellent and really captured people's attention with Danica's beautiful voice drawing people in. Chris Cayley


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Danica and Angus for playing at the Big Brill Camp at the weekend. 'Wow' is all I can say about their performance. They are seriously talented young people and deserve every success that is coming their way. Michael Swan

Big Brill Camp

'I always like it when I have no pre conceived ideas or expectations and then am greatly impressed and surprised at the result. This happened when working with Danica. Absolutely great singing and vocal quality, easy going nature and brilliant songwriter. Very pleasing musical result in a very short time and looking forward to working with her again.' Stuart Epps

Producer worked with Elton John, Queen, Oasis, Led Zeppelin, Paul Weller, Robbie Williams

'Friday showcased a young rising star, Danica Hunter, with a powerful voice, who captivated her appreciative audience early on in the venue... one of the new exciting venues this year introduced London's Chinawhite nightclub to the festival, giving guests an opportunity to dance the night away to some superb live music. The Henley Standard at Henley Festival

Henley Standard

'We would never book anyone we didn't think would do a good job, but it's always great when even we're surprised by the impact made on the night - and that was absolutely the case with Danica. Fabulous!'
Stewart Collins, Artistic Director

Henley Festival

"WHAT A VOICE!" Linda Serck

BBC Introducing Berkshire

"Danica sums up what top artists are all about; Great music, superb live performance and a unique image too!"
David Payne

Presenter, Live & Unsigned

Danica Hunter also played at the show, treating the crowd with her powerful, unique and captivating voice.

Live & Unsigned Management

Live & Unsigned

"Some great songs and well matched guitar fronted by Danica's powerful and amotive voice. I hope she'll play my venue again." Guy Pearce

Pont Music @ the FBI

'Danica is a young and fresh singer songwriter with a unique performance and captivating vocals. She has the ability to reel the audience in without trying and with a name, Danica she was born a star.'
Jayson Jaurigue

'Friday Street Music'

I have been Danica's voice coach for a few years, in which time she's built a strong unique sound to her voice. Danica has a unique quality that will be very appealing commercially. She sings from her true emotion and is always a wonderful pleasure to listen to and work with. Nathan Lubbock-Smith, Vocal Coach/Actor

Guildford School of Acting

'They silenced the pub, which happens about once every 500 songs at the Bookbinders' Nigel Brown

The Old Bookbinders, Oxford

What a fab original which was complimented with a well executed cover; unique style and vocal.

Judges at Regional Finals of Openmic UK

Openmic UK (under 18s)

Confident with lots of charisma, knew your song and your style well and it came across in your performance - good stage presence, an all-round solid vocalist. Great cover. Judges at Area Finals Openmic UK

Openmic UK (under 18s)

I first met Danica Hunter & Angus Chandler as they were on their way up through Open Mic UK. Their unique and highly contemporary style is always great to work with and makes for a very exciting and creative time in the studio. They possess a valuable combination of raw talent, musical understanding and a daring desire to explore different ways that their songs can be presented. We worked together on three tracks which became their debut EP and the next thing I know their shooting a video and performing at the O2!

I see a very bright future for this duo and always look forward to working with them. Olli Daffarn, Producer, HL Studios
Olli Daffran, Producer

HL Studios

Danica has been one of the star acts throughout the regional and area finals with her own distinctive and passionate style. Judges at Final of Openmic at O2 Arena, London

Openmic UK (under 18s)