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Danica Hunter at Henley Festival 2011[10]
Danica Hunter at Henley Festival 2011

Danica and Angus played at the prestigious Chinawhite in Henley Festival on 8th July this year to rave reviews from the press and professionals alike. Danica said that the sound system was the best she has experiences which made a difference, showing up her diverse vocal styles to their best. Sam also added a new dimension with his beat box. Henley Festival is unique with a blend of traditional, quirkiness and is located by the River Thames in Oxfordshire.

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To listen to Danica’s Henley Festival performance, please go to her home page and scroll through each song using the scroll button shown by the red arrow in the picture below.

Track 1 – Tell her that you love her (original unrecorded)

Track 2 – Crazy (cover)

Track 3 – Starry Eyed (cover)

Track 4 – Ironic (cover)

Track 5 – Do it Like a Dude (cover)

Track 6 – Valerie (cover)

Track 7 – Dreams (cover)

Track 8 – From my eyes (original unrecorded)

Track 9 – You and me (original)

Track 10 – You will be loved (cover)

Track 11 – Naive (cover)

Track 12 – Preacher man (cover)

Track 13 – Hometown (cover)

Track 14 – Someone like you (cover)

Track 15 – Black and gold (cover)

Track 16 – Paper to the wind (original)

Track 17 – Letting Go (original)

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